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Plus one M14 x 1.5 : Magnetic Drain Plugs for Yamaha Motorcycles

Also on pulling the tang outward...

I put in a bunch of smaller Heli-coils in the float bowls of 10 HP
B&S carbs to drain the carb fuel FULLY.

There's VERY LITTLE aluminum(maybe 1/16" thick) there so I use RED LOCKTITE when installing them...

You do, (while still wet), need to remove excess loctite BEFORE it set up over night.

Either running (not tight) a bolt (and then clean off excess), repeat. If not,
you'll have to run a normal tap back thru the heli-coil to clean excess-Not recommended as it does get tight trying to remove excess.

*Just a side note, as thin as that aluminum is, once the insert is in, the steel threads are extremely strong..
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