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They grey plug you have picture was the item that was laying, rattling in my fuse cover and fell out when I removed it. Yamaha told me last night, it should be plugged in but it only protects the terminals for the diagnostic port.

Upon closer inspection last night, the "blue" wire that I followed, was actually a blue cover that covered two wires from the throttle position sensor. I am tempted to order one but if it needs to be set, I don't have a service manual yet to instruct me on how to adjust it. I am going to try ordering a service manual tonight.

I am still wondering if it could be a stuck thermostat. I am going to take it out tonight to inspect it until the one I ordered arrives.
it's just weird above 4000 rpms, she runs great. she started and purred last night on land as if - no issues . it has been 2 years since I replaced it

I gotta thank you for your replies, that means a lot to me.

I will keep this updated just in case anyone has a similar issue. hopefully I will figure out how to include pics. it told me, error contact site administrator.

Good luck to you and be safe out there
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