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Man this is getting frustrating.

Pulled the ASV and pushed the ball and spring out thinking that was a possibility. While there inspected the pickup tube. Seemed to be fine no cracks, splits etc. Also no screen on the end? Tank is 3 years old.

Hook it all back up(port motor port tank) and eventually the pump pulls the cap filter dry and starts pulling air. Swap over to alternate tank (Starboard tank -Port Motor)and the hoses stay full with the cap refilling after pump kicks on and off.
Put starboard motor on suspect tank(port) and you guessed it same thing emptied the filter hosing dry and began to pull air.

What the heck am i missing. Remember this all started because at idle (port motor-Port Tank) it would periodically shut off and i would have to pump the ball. Once primed will run all day from idle to 6k. If it was a fuel starve problem caused by the tank wouldn't it act the same at idle verse at cruise or WOT. I ran 25 miles at 4400-4600 rpm after pumping the ball with no issues.
Help-Red Snapper season just re opened!!!!
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