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in your shoes, i would do some testing on the lift pump

it always has power at key on,
stick a paper clip in the back side of the connector and ground it with a test lead to make it run

do you have an ordinary fuel pump vacuum/pressure gauge?
with a 5/16" Tee and some tubing:

Tee into the suction side - you should see virtually no vacuum when the pump runs

Tee into the discharge side - it should be making >5 psi while filling the VST, and max out at close to 14 psi when the VST is full

also, patch in a length of clear tubing on the suction side, and check for bubbles while running the pump (if you have any, that's an air leak somewhere)

and measure what comes out of the "full" VST - make sure the float isn't set way off
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