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well, you have certainly replaced plenty of parts.

The VST holds about 8 ounces of fuel.
At idle, the engine uses about 0.6 gals/hour - thats ~80 ounces per hour
So if your VST is full when you shut off the engine -
when you restart it has enough fuel to idle for 1/10th of an hour - 6 minutes

the lift pump runs as soon as the engine starts -
and I've read, but haven't tested it, that it initially runs continuously for several minutes.
After that, below 1200 rpms, 10 seconds on, 20 off
Even at 10 seconds on, out of 30 seconds there is plenty of time to re-fill the VST...

Interesting that there is no complaint of hot restart difficulty -
one might expect flooding after boiling off the VST contents

I'm leaning toward a restriction - or an air leak - on the lift pump supply
although the problem with that, is it runs fines up to 6000 rpms...

It would be very interesting to know:
what is seen if the bulb is pumped immediately at shutdown -
does the VST take fuel then? or not
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